From now on we will offer lessons for all age groups at all levels

We offer lessons for all age groups at all levels: from beginners to professional athletes. Our school instructs successful skaters in both figure skating and ice dancing.

The education of young athletes should ideally start at the age of 4 to 7 years old. In addition, ice skating opens new opportunities for those who wish to learn or advance their skills. The groups at our school are built according to ability levels of the skaters.

Figure skating is like a real art. There are the graceful movements, incredible plastic, beautiful costumes and spectacular music. Ice skating is, perhaps, the most harmonious, beautiful, complex and spectacular type of sport. At the Olympics and the world championships figure skating gathers thousands of fans to the stadiums, as well as the popular ice shows catch millions of viewers to the TV-screens.

The popularity of figure skating is growing rapidly. Ice skating is modern and prestigious today. The caring parents bring their kids to the ice rink with the aim to strengthen the immune system and correct the posture of the child. It improves metabolism for adults and there is training for the cardiovascular system. Figure skating disciplines and energizes, it adds grace for ladies, courage, and endurance for men.

Welcome to the club of figure skating Adler Eissportverein!